Welcome to dbMPIKT
A kinetic and thermodynamic database of mutant protein interaction(dbMPIKT). This database provides many mutants that have thermodynamics and dynamics data. It contains 5291 mutant information, 4117 of them are derived from other databases, such as SKEMPI, AB-Bind and BID. Other data obtained by reading literature. There are 5291 mutants in the database, including alanine mutation and other amino acid mutation. The purpose of the database is to allow researchers to obtain the experimental data of kinetics and thermodynamics data due to the mutation. All of the information are from 341 protein-protein complexes that crystal structure information can be obtained from PDB.
Data statistics in dbMPIKT
All mutants entries are 5291. The mutants with SKEMPI are 3046. The mutants with AB-Bind are 815. The mutants with BID are 256. The mutants with literature are 1174.
All mutants 5291
The mutants with SKEMPT 3046
The mutants with AB-Bind 815
The mutants with BID 256
The mutants with Curated data 1174
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